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Barilla Bucatini N:9

This is their Bucatini, a long shape of pasta - thicker than spaghetti with a hole running throug..

Barilla Cannelloni

Barilla Cannelloni Egg Pasta, originates from Northern Italy. Barilla Cannelloni is in a shape ..

Barilla Capellini

This thin long strands-shape works well with many sauces, we often serve with a few home-made mea..

Barilla Casarecce N:28

Barilla Casarecce are long twists of pasta, which appear rolled up on themselves – perfect for ho..

Barilla Castellane N:280

The refined Castellane Barilla present themselves as the shells with a large central cavity and t..

Barilla Ditalini Lisci N:45

Barilla Ditali Lisci, very short, small smooth tubes of pasta ideal for soups. Ditaloni, Ditali..

Barilla Ditaloni N:49

This is Barilla's Ditaloni Rigati - very short, small tubes of pasta ideal for soups. Ditaloni,..

Barilla Farfalle Integrali /wholegrain/ 500g

Barilla Farfalle Integrali /wholegrain/ are made from a flat sheet of pasta cut into checks and "..

Barilla Farfalle N:65

Barilla Farfalle - bowties of pasta - a shape that originates from Lombardy and Emilia. Farfalle ..

Barilla Fusilli Integrali /wholegrain/ 500g

This great tasting Fusilli Integrale pasta from Barilla is made from a special whole bran that is..

Barilla Fusilli N:98

Barilla Fusilli pasta takes its name from the particular spindle-shape, that twists as a spiral i..

Barilla Gnocchi N:85

The Gnocchi pasta places comes from the imagination of Neapolitan pasta culture. Without leaving ..

Barilla Lasagne with eggs

Barilla Lasagne with eggs cames from the Emilia region. It has a rectangle shape and it is rough ..

Barilla Lasagne with Spinach

Lasagne con Spinaci are rectangles of durum wheat semolina with spinach, a variant of the classic..

Barilla Tagliatelle with Spinach

Barilla Tagliatelle with Spinach - the green version of this pasta place is an example of Italian..

The Barilla brand has its roots in a small bread and pasta store opened in Parma in 1877. Today it is the number one pasta in Italy and around the world. Thanks to the best durum wheat and impressive modern technologies, Barilla supplies millions around the world with pasta that always cooks to a perfect al dente texture, as well as ready-toeat pasta sauces.

Source: Barilla Group