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Barilla Bucatini N:9

This is their Bucatini, a long shape of pasta - thicker than spaghetti with a hole running throug..

Barilla Cannelloni

Barilla Cannelloni Egg Pasta, originates from Northern Italy. Barilla Cannelloni is in a shape ..

Barilla Capellini

This thin long strands-shape works well with many sauces, we often serve with a few home-made mea..

Barilla Casarecce N:28

Barilla Casarecce are long twists of pasta, which appear rolled up on themselves – perfect for ho..

Barilla Castellane N:280

The refined Castellane Barilla present themselves as the shells with a large central cavity and t..

Barilla Ditalini Lisci N:45

Barilla Ditali Lisci, very short, small smooth tubes of pasta ideal for soups. Ditaloni, Ditali..

Barilla Ditaloni N:49

This is Barilla's Ditaloni Rigati - very short, small tubes of pasta ideal for soups. Ditaloni,..

Barilla Farfalle Integrali /wholegrain/ 500g

Barilla Farfalle Integrali /wholegrain/ are made from a flat sheet of pasta cut into checks and "..

Barilla Farfalle N:65

Barilla Farfalle - bowties of pasta - a shape that originates from Lombardy and Emilia. Farfalle ..

Barilla Fusilli Integrali /wholegrain/ 500g

This great tasting Fusilli Integrale pasta from Barilla is made from a special whole bran that is..

Barilla Fusilli N:98

Barilla Fusilli pasta takes its name from the particular spindle-shape, that twists as a spiral i..

Barilla Gnocchi N:85

The Gnocchi pasta places comes from the imagination of Neapolitan pasta culture. Without leaving ..

Barilla Lasagne with eggs

Barilla Lasagne with eggs cames from the Emilia region. It has a rectangle shape and it is rough ..

Barilla Lasagne with Spinach

Lasagne con Spinaci are rectangles of durum wheat semolina with spinach, a variant of the classic..

Barilla Tagliatelle with Spinach

Barilla Tagliatelle with Spinach - the green version of this pasta place is an example of Italian..