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Bonne Maman Apricot 370g

A taste of summer! Smear a spoon full of Bonne Maman Apricot jam on toasted bread of your choice,..

Bonne Maman Blueberry Jam 370g

Make your journey to the dark side. When you feel a little bad, what better than Bonne Maman Blue..

Bonne Maman Cherry 370g

Mmmm .... only the freshest cherries find their place in Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves! And while ..

Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread 370g

Feeling ... wild? Bonne Maman Chestnut Spread is naturally sweet, unlike the cheap jams flavored ..

Bonne Maman Confiture de lait 370g

Following the classic recipe from the past, Bonne Maman added milk caramel (from Fr. Confiture de..

Bonne Maman Fig Jam 370g

Who said you can enjoy exhilarating taste of figs only in summer? Bonne Maman Fig Jam tastes like..

Bonne Maman Four Fruits 370g

Who said you have to choose just one favorite flavor? In a jar full of cherries, strawberries, re..

Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade 370g

The real European taste! Bonne Maman Orange Marmalade is not bitter like other orange marmalade a..

Bonne Maman Peach 370g

Refined taste! Here's a secret ... bake your English muffin, spread it all with cream cheese, and..

Bonne Maman Raspberry 370g

I'll tell you a secret - Bonne Maman jam with raspberries is my favorite! It’s my favorite fragra..

Bonne Maman Strawberry 370g

Spread Bonne Maman Strawberry jam on a toasted slice and your day is ready to begin. The most pop..

Honey & Jams