Jell-o No Bake Cheese Cake 12x314g - Make no-bake mini cheesecakes in just few minutesIngredients:Fi..

Twix Creamy Peanut Butter 18x47g - Delicious peanut butter covering a chocolate cookie and coated..

Snickers Peanut Butter Squared 18x50g - the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate.One p..

Snickers Crisper 40g - a layer of crispy rice on the inside for a satisfying crunch, but retaining t..

Snickers Almond 49g - the famous unmistakable flavor, but now your favorite chocolate bar consistis ..

New Tic Tac miniatures! Enjoy the new assortment of 4 refreshing flavors - Mint, Spearmint, Orang..

Oreo Travel Pack 352g - the original OREO sandwich cookies with delicious vanilla and chocolate c..

Breakfast with Nutella is now also at the bar! Nutella B-ready is perfect to wish you a good morn..

Oreo cookies are the most well-known worldwide and kid's favourite snack. Now in mini-size and co..

Ferrero Nutella World Jar 630g - 21x30g of you favorite nutella mini jars in nice, big plastic ja..

Maretti brand is inspired by the world-famous Italian bread specialties - "bruschette". Thereby, ..

NESCAFE Classic 250g instant coffee - rich in natural goodness, flavour and convenience. Medium..

Bornier Mild Honey Mustard 230g As its name suggests, this is mustard with honey added. Used mo..

M&M's Choco Maxi Pouch 430g. Milk chocolate balls with a sugar colorful coating.   ..

Perugina Baci Box 143g - the Italian chocolate hazelnut candy: dark chocolates filled with a whol..

The Original Speculoos Lotus is known and appreciated worldwide! Lotus Original Speculoos Biscu..

Daim Bag 200g - Milk Chocolate (42%) pieces with a crunchy almond caramel centre. Ingredie..

Suchard Sensations VELMA Dark Chocolate with 50% Cocoa 100g Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mas..

A packaging with an original shape! 4 metal tins dedicated to 4 emblematic recipes of Mathez ‘ brand..

Mathez Fantaisie Metal Pistachio 250g - A small box containing the essence of pistachio – A crispy t..

Milka Amavel Konditorei Chocolate Cake is loose cocoa cream on fine chocolate cake, covered with ..

Bornier Dijon Cream Mustard 200g Variety of familiar Bornier Dijon mustard. Although the main d..

Maretti brand is inspired by the world-famous Italian bread specialties - "bruschette". Thereby, ..

Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs 368g / 13oz - wholegrain, puffed, sweet and crunchy corn cereal with Ree..

The new Mentos 3D are 3 layer gums, each with unique taste, combining 3 wonderful fresh flavours...

Kit Kat Ball is the perfect balance between delicacy and lightness: a good biscuit crispy and air..