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Bonduelle Peas

Bonduelle Peas  425ml. Delicious, sweet peas. Excellent addition to salads or decorative d..

Bonduelle Peas with Carrots mix

Bonduelle Peas with Carrots mix 212ml. Vegetable mix of traditional peas with carrot cubes. Ind..

Bonduelle PERUANA

Bonduelle PERUANA 425 ml. Red beans in a thick, spicy tomato sauce. Nutritious and rich in esse..

Bonduelle Red Beans

Bonduelle Red Beans 425 ml. Red beans in a natural brine. Nutritious and rich in essential nutr..

Bonduelle Red Beet

Bonduelle Red Beet in cubes 425 ml. Low-calorie beets rich in carbohydrates and iodine. Excelle..

Bonduelle Sombrero Salad

Bonduelle Gold Sombrero Salad 425 ml. Golden corn mixture with aromatic red and green peppers. ..

Bonduelle Sweet Corn

Bonduelle Sweet Corn canned 425ml. Naturally sweet, juicy and crunchy corn. Suitable for salads..

Bonduelle White Beans

Bonduelle White Beans 425 ml. White beans in a natural brine. Rich in carbohydrates, protein an..