Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars
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Milka Lila Pause Nougat Cream

Milka Lila Pause praline cream with melt-in-nougat cream and crunchy crispies covered with delica..

Milka Lila Pause Strawberry

Milka Lila Pause Strawberry yogurt with fruity strawberry-yoghurt-crème and crunchy crispies cove..

Milka LU

Milka LU 100g chocolate Delicious milk chocolate covered LU biscuits.Dare to try! Ingredien..

Milka LU 35g

Milka LU 35g chocolate Delicious milk chocolate covered LU biscuits in a small, convenient pack..

Milka Luflee Alpine Milk

Milka Luflée the smooth chocolate delight from deliciously airy Alpine Alpine milk chocolate made..

Milka Luflee Caramel

The new variety Milka Luflee Caramel combines a shell of a delicate Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate a..

Milka Luflee Noisette

Milka Luflée Noisette - Alpine Milk Chocolate whipped to create this light, airy chocolate bar. C..

Milka Luflee White

Milka Luflée White - Alpine White Chocolate whipped to create this light, airy white chocolate ba..

Milka M-joy Crispy Cereal

Milka M-joy Crispy Cereal is tender Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate bursting with crunchy cereal ball..

Milka M-joy Crunchy Caramel

Milka M-joy Crunchy Caramel - crunchy caramel is soft, melting Milka alpine milk chocolate with c..

Milka M-Joy Milk

Milka M-joy Alpine Milk is tender Milka chocolate pure - a handy snack for in between and on the ..

Milka M-Joy Peanuts & Flakes

M-Joy Peanuts and Flakes softly melting Milka alpine milk chocolate filled with whole plump, crun..

Milka M-Joy Whole Almonds

Milka M-joy Whole Almonds. Soft-melting Milka Chocolate filled with whole Almonds is packed in a ..

Milka M-Joy Whole Hazelnuts

Milka M-joy Whole Hazelnuts is tender-melting Milka alpine milk chocolate bursting with crunchy w..

Milka Marzipan Cream

Milka Marzipan Cream - filled dark Alpine milk chocolate with a marzipan cream filling (35%) and ..

Milka Milk & Honey

Milka Milk & Honey is the tasty chocolate treat from delicate melting Milka alpine milk choco..